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Alanda holds official certifications in laser hair removal from the Avante Institute. She is not only the technician, but also owns Go Bare. Since launching, Alanda has built a rock-solid reputation around the Houston Heights for unprecedented levels of customer service, and for being a trusted partner among those seeking to look their best. Behind Alanda’s warm smile and vibrant personality is a professional with a passion for providing superior results and boosting the confidence of anyone who walks through her door.


Under the supervision of Dr. Ather Siddiqi, our mission is to give effective laser hair removal treatments using only the latest technology demonstrating lasting results while keeping to the highest of safety standards. It is vital to our staff that we educate our clients thoroughly before treatments begin. Every treatment is performed by a certified professional laser hair removal technician. At Go Bare, we use a Candela GentleYag laser designed to treat all skin types while providing superior results.

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